Saturday, January 8, 2011

More then just Newspaper Coupons...

Ok, so this is my first real entry to help you save money! Most people think the only way to get coupons is through the news papers. There are plenty more ways to get coupons, and many different types as well.

Lets start with the easiest and most common
  • Newspaper Coupons
    • More then $350 billion of packaged goods coupons are offered annually
    • Almost 90% of all coupons are issued in the Sunday Newspaper inserts
    • Spending 20 minutes per week clipping and organizing coupons can save up to $1000 per year
  • Blinkies
    • Coupons distributed in stores by little machines next or near the product
    • "Blinkie" refers to blinking light designed to attract your attention
    • May be used at any store that accepts manufacturers coupons
  • Tear Pads
    • Pads of coupons, like a pad of paper found near the product
    • Often found on freezer doors or near batteries
  • Peelies
    • Coupons stuck on the product
    • Can be used immediately, when you purchase the product
    • Make sure to peel them and hand them to the cashier, most cashiers will not look for them
  • Catalina Coupons
    • Coupons that print out at the register because certain products or groups of products have been purchased
    • Also known as "Check Out Coupons"
    • Generally they are manufacturer's coupons, but can be store specific as well
  • Internet Coupons
    • Can be manufacturers or store specific
    • Coupons printed from the internet
    • Found in a variety of sources such as manufuctures websites, store websites or coupon clipping websites such as
  • Electronic Coupons
    • Coupon codes to be used when making purchases on-line

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